The call for submission for volume 5 of the The Great Lakes Journal of Undergraduate History has been circulated. This new issue will be forthcoming in August of 2017.

The Great Lakes Journal of Undergraduate History aims to create and sustain a consistent outlet for top undergraduate history students from universities located within the Great Lakes region, which recognizes their hard work and dedication to the discipline of history by featuring their high quality research papers within the pages of a published academic journal. More generally, the Great Lakes Journal of Undergraduate History attempts to promote a new research culture among undergraduate history students in Ontario. A culture in which undergraduate research is recognized.

Current Issue: Volume 4, Issue 1 (2016)



Editor's Introduction
Salma Abumeeiz

2016 Editorial Board | Issue 4


Salma Abumeeiz, University of Windsor

Managing Editor

John Quint, University of Windsor

Design Editor

Calin Murgu, McGill University

Faculty Advisors

Dr. Adam Pole, University of Windsor

Dr. Guillaume Teasdale, University of Windsor