Industrial Engineers (IE) help all types of enterprises to fiqure out how to do things better, whether it's shortening wait lines at an amusement park, distribution of products or manufacturing automobiles, Industrial Engineers save companies money and increase efficiency.

The processes and systems that improve quality and productivity also work to eliminate the waste of time, money, materials and other commodities which are created by Industrial Engineers. IE offers the best of both engineering and business. Many Industrial Engineers are employed in areas such as entertainment, shipping and logistics and health care organizations.


Submissions from 2017


Three-Dimensional Container Loading: A Simulated Annealing Approach, Hanan Mostaghimi Ghomi, Bryan Gary St. Amour, and Walid Abdul-Kader

Submissions from 2016


Optimal disposition decisions for a remanufacturing system considering time value of products, Mostafa Pazoki and Walid Abdul-Kader

Submissions from 2015


Efficient aircraft spare parts inventory management under demand uncertainty, Jingyao Gu, Guoqing Zhang, and Kevin Li

Submissions from 2011


Concurrent Manufacturing System Optimization for Two-Product Operation, George M. Bacioiu and Zbigniew Pasek


Logistics engineering curriculum integrated through student projects, P. Pawlewski and Zbigniew Pasek

Submissions from 2010


Analysis, Modeling and Imporvement of Stamped Parts Quality Using Generalized Linear Models, Foad Hassanmirzaei and Zbigniew Pasek

Submissions from 2008


Simulation-based Verification of Lean Improvement for Emergency Room Process, Nancy Khurma, Gheorghe M. Bacioiu, and Zbigniew J. Pasek

Submissions from 2007


An Approach to Line Balancing on Virtual Supervisor Induction Method and Intelligent Agents, J. Trujillo, P. Pawlewski, Zbigniew Pasek, P. Golinska, E. Baeyens, and J. Oleskov

Submissions from 2006


On-line scheduling method of manufacturing system based on VS algorithm for reference pattern, J. A. Trujillo, Clemente Cárdenas, Zbigniew Pasek, and Enrique Baeyens

Submissions from 2005


On-line job-shop scheduling of a manufacturing system based on a virtual supervisor concept, Jesús Trujillo, Zbigniew Pasek, and Enrique Baeyens

Submissions from 2004


Manufacturing in a Global Context: A Graduate Course on Agile, Reconfigurable Manufacturing, Zbigniew Pasek, Yoram Koren, and Stephen Segall

Submissions from 2003


A new methodology to evaluate the real options of an investment using binomial trees and Monte Carlo simulations, Michele Amico, Zbigniew Pasek, and Farshid Asl

Submissions from 2000


Open architecture control technology trends, Reuven Katz, Byung-Kwon Min, and Zbigniew Pasek