The Core Competencies for 21st Century CARL (Canadian Association of Research Libraries) Librarians: through a neoliberal lens

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Journal of Radical Librarianship



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competencies, competency statements, neoliberalism, academic libraries, higher education


Librarians are noted for their defense of others but not themselves or even their profession, thus there is a lack of consideration with respect to our roles within our own institutions and within our profession. The Core Competencies for 21st Century CARL Librarians statement developed by the Canadian Association of Research Libraries (CARL) is investigated as an expression of what our role should be, using a neoliberal lens and with reference to the work of Foucault, poststructuralists, and as an expression of critical inquiry, to discover the statement’s potential role as a tool for delivering ideology. Language and concepts associated with neoliberalism are identified throughout the statement and potential impacts on professional identity are addressed.

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