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Major papers from graduate programs across the University of Windsor will soon be deposited electronically to this archive for sharing and preservation. Please return here for updates.

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Major Papers from 2010


Assessment of the Automotive Stirling Engine, David A. Lawn

Major Papers from 2001


From 'Chrysler Girls' to 'Dodge Boys': The Emergence of Women in Windsor's Automotive Industry, 1964-1976, Brandi Lyn Lucier

Major Papers from 1995


Sleeping Single in a Double Bed: Windsor's Widows at the Turn of the Twentieth Century, Catherine MacNeil

Major Papers from 1991


Separate and Different Education: A History of Women at the University of Windsor, 1920 to the Present, Mona L. Gleason

Major Papers from 1989


Female Entrepreneurs in Windsor-Essex County A General Profile with Significant Differences of Opinion as a Function of Industry-Type and Age of Firk Categorizations, Melody A. Miles

Major Papers from 1988


Study in Urban Geography: An Evaluation of Economic and Industrial Development in Windsor, Mark G. Bocchini

Major Papers from 1979


Locations of Manufacturing in Windsor Early This Century, Greg Suttor

Major Papers from 1968


Theoretic Study of the Windsor Transportation Network, Robert Markovich