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The prime essential of a Jubilee Volume is that it be truly reminiscent of the past; not in a general way, but in the actual revival of facts that lie in the remote cabinets of memory and need but the touch of some associated suggestion to open them to the full light of recollection. It is not necessary that the incidents of the past be depicted in accurate detail, but merely that some passing allusion suggest to the mind the path to complete remembrance. "Forsan et haec olim meminisse juvabit.” So said Aeneas, by way of encouraging his companions, and who has not found how eternally true are his words? How inexpressibly dear to us these early days remain, but they must be given back, all bright and blooming, in a steady, cheerful light, as if they happened but yesterday. If this volume proves an Open Sesame to the past, the highest aim of the editors will have been achieved. They have had in view the former students of the College, whose memories will evoke their delightful stores of recollections, and enable them to live over again the scenes, of which each one may say,"Magna pars fui."

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