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Life at a University, iust as life itself, is somewhat of a puzzle, a helter-shelter jumble of pieces which, without order has no meaning. Just as a puzzle is, at first glance, befuddiing, so too is the University to the incoming Freshman whose dazed expression reflects his bewilderment. As the student is initially confronted with the maze of courses and activities of the college curriculum, he is able to see the pieces of the puzzle unfold before him. In time, confusion lessens as the pieces — the arts and sciences, the theories and techniques, philosophies and fellowships are sorted, studied, and put in their proper place. ‘ Progress is slow and unsure at first, but with the miracle of inquisitive intellect and guiding hand of mature wisdom, he makes his way. And as piece after piece falls into place, understanding replaces bewilderment and achievement builds confidence.

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Assumption University/University of Windsor


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Windsor, Ontario


University of Windsor, Assumption College (Windsor), Ambassador Yearbook, Yearbooks, Assumption University (Windsor)


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