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At the conclusion of my first Annual Report as President of the University of Windsor, I made the following general observations: "Universities differ one from another almost as much as individuals do, partly because of the accidents of history and of the part which staff, students and alumni play in the building of unique traditions. The University of Windsor has attracted much attention in the past two years by reason of its very unusual evolution. Inevitably, now that it has emerged as a non—denominational institution, under its charter of 1963, it will begin to move in directions perhaps only dimly apparent a few years ago. Through its federated and affiliated institutions it continues to draw strong and essential support from those who cherish the Christian contribution to the liberal arts. At the same time, through the availability of much increased provincial support, the university is now able to expand its work in the professional areas and in post-graduate studies, with every prospect that it will rapidly complete the full transition, now under way for some years, from the status of a liberal arts college to that of a fully diversified university.

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