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I write at the New Year, when the news media are taken up with reflections on the past decade, and many comments note significant changes in Canadian universities. Such observations have a particular application to this university which, in 1960, was operating under denominational auspices, with an enrollment of 1,000. Discussions about future structure were just beginning, and the great increase in enrollment, — as it turned out, five-fold in ten years — was only dimly perceived. Few had any suspicion of the tremendous changes of the 1960’s, with new faculties, departments, and programs at the honours and postgraduate level. And few could have predicted the major shifts of opinion across a wide spectrum of fundamental issues, prompted by developments within Canada and abroad.

At this moment in history, there is much puzzling evidence that there is a flight from reality, a passing enchantment with the irrational, however fanciful, on the part of many, especially younger people. A pessimist might find the sudden surge of interest in astrology, the ancient Chaldaean superstition, to be a symptom of our age. Against this background, the traditional role of the university, in emphasizing the importance of evidence for the formation of responsible opinion, becomes even more important. There are times when l would settle for this as the function of the university, even to the neglect of any other! At the University of Windsor we have not ignored this aim, especially in our efforts during the past year to involve an increasing number of students and staff in the determination of university procedures and policies. The process is not yet complete, but I would single it out as the achievement of the past year.

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