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To meet the Editor’s deadline I must write these lines when the 1968—1969 term is not yet one—third over, before the record of the year can be safely predicted, much less assessed. It is becoming evident, however, that, with the completion of the first five years of the University of Windsor, since it received its charter in 1963, we are entering a new phase in which the earlier preparation and reorganization are beginning to produce their full effect. The most striking indication of this fact is the sharp increase in enrolment this year, about 28%, well above the projection, and much higher than the percentage of overall increase in Ontario.

As a result of this otherwise welcome development, we have had to endure some uncomfortable crowding in most of our general buildings, but this situation should be completely relieved by the current construction of a classroom wing, of the new residence and dining halls, and of the Law School building. A major addition to our library is also in immediate prospect.

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