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Many an Assumption student has read the Latin words on the scroll above the front entrance of the Memorial Science Building: many passers-by have asked the meaning of the words, "Bonitatem, disciplinam et scientiam doce me". These words were written by a Wise Man, divinely inspired, a thousand years before Our Lord. They represent a truth often forgotten even by educators. Your college is directed by a religious community which has made these words its motto. Knowledge is not an end in itself but a means. The use made of knowledge can be good, indifferent or bad. It is like a sharp-edged tool that can be used most effectively by a skilled and careful worker but which can inflict serious iniury upon a worker who is awkward or careless. True education must provide safeguards for the safe and prosperous use of knowledge. Assumption believes the Wise Man - it has tried, with God's grace, to develop in you, its graduates, goodness and self-control that in your lives knowledge may be most valuable and most fruitful.

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The Ambassador: 1948



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