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Canadian Journal of Fisheries and Aquatic Sciences


In recent years, the effects of anthropogenic noise on freshwater fish has been of increasing interest for fishery managers due to rising levels of this background noise. While it is clear that anthropogenic noise can have important impacts on mammals and marine fish, much less is known about these effects in fresh water. The influence of anthropogenic noise on freshwater fish can be quantified using the same methods as with marine species — through measuring changes in behavioural and physiological outputs. Here, we briefly review the literature regarding behavioural and physiological impacts of noise pollution on freshwater fish and further note the lack of incorporation of both behavioural and physiological measures within current studies. We call for an increased research emphasis on possible effects of anthropogenic noise on freshwater fish and further suggest that the integration of behavioural and physiological techniques is critical for a full understanding of these effects. While freshwater fish face many stressors, it is unclear how important anthropogenic noise really is and this issue can only be properly resolved through careful study.




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