The Borderland Stories Conference Proceedings publishes outstanding original undergraduate and graduate student work on Windsor, Detroit and the broader U.S.-Canadian borders presented at the annual conference held in the spring of each year. Student papers represent approaches from the disciplines of History, Political Science and Anthropology.

The Borderland Stories Annual Student Conference was the outgrowth of a capstone seminar held at the University of Windsor in Fall 2016 and Winter 2017, Detroit in the Gilded Age. Students enrolled in that original course conducted research in local archives and produced papers which deserved a wider audience than the members of the seminar. That seminar also fostered the growth of strong and lasting cross-border ties. The conference and proceedings continue to encourage and reward excellence in student research and facilitate cooperation between students working on related topics in Canada and the United States.

Leddy Library and the University of Windsor History Department are sponsors of these proceedings. And the Departments of History at the University of Windsor and Wayne State University are the primary sponsors of the annual conference.

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