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Theories of the Mobile Internet: Materialities and Imaginaries

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Blackberry, RIM, Mobile Communications, Digital Capitalism, ICTs, Information and Communication Technology

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The original inspiration for this chapter was a story about Barack Obama and his BlackBerry. In the run-up to Obama's inauguration as the forty-fourth President of the United States (POTUS), there was considerable coverage in the global media concerning the fate of his beloved BlackBerry. One of the hallmarks of Obama's triumphant political persona at the time was his 'street cred' among the digerati as a savvy internet user. His reliance on the iconic BlackBerry mobile communications device in the conduct of his successful presidential campaign became legendary Clifford (2009). So it was with great tribulation that the world waited while it was decided whether or not Obama could keep his BlackBerry in light of the security requirements of his new position. In the February 2, 2009, issue of News-week magazine it was announced that, yes indeed, "POTUS Keeps His Precious" (Bailey, 2009).