School age children's cognition identification by mining integrated computer games data

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Conference Paper

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4th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, CSEDU 2012



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National statistics confirm that nowadays about 20% of school children have some type of mental health issue, about 70% of adult mental health disorders originated in adolescence, while about 40% have unidentified learning differences that affect their learning abilities. Starting early enough with proper screening of a child's cognitive skills is critical for improved learning and mental wellbeing. Unfortunately, assessments and treatment can be costly, elusive or conflicting. This paper describes an approach to identifying child's cognitive skill level that is adopted by an online product called "Think2Learn" developed by OTEP Inc. (Online Training & Education Portal). OTEP uses ubiquitousness of the Internet and attractive features of online computer games to give parents automated opportunity to screen and follow their children's cognitive development. OTEP presently uses a collection of approximately 100 video games for children to play and while doing so, it records their score to continuously assess and monitor their cognitive strengths and weaknesses. The Web-based tool for identifying cognitive skill level is developed as an integration or data warehouse of a number of relevant data sources such as the cognitive skills categories data, games data, player inventory data and so on. The integrated data are continuously mined, analyzed and queried for proper and quick assessment or recommendations.