Automatic updating of computer games data warehouse for cognition identification

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Conference Paper

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6th International Conference on Computer Supported Education, CSEDU 2014



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This paper describes the algorithms (called OTEP DW auto) for automatically updating the integrated games data warehouse and cognitive profile data sources for purposes of identifying child's cognitive skill level. The techniques described in this paper represent an extension to the data integration engine adopted by an online product called "Thriver" developed by OTEP Inc. (Online Training & Evaluation Portal). OTEP focuses on using the Internet, natural playing environment for online computer games to give parents and care-givers automated opportunity to screen and follow their children's cognitive development. Current data integration efforts of the system when new games (such as speech games) are added or new cognitive skills matrix are added would require manual re-coding of the system which is a costly and time-consuming process. The cognitive skills matrix maps cognitive skills level of games player such as "basic reading level is good" to their games performance in comparison to the norms of other players. The proposed OTEP DW auto is capable of building the OTEP data warehouse schema automatically, thus seamlessly extracting, cleaning and propagating data from various data sources. It also provides a dynamic GUI-based interface for answering tens of frequently asked cognition-related questions.