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Spring 3-23-2016


My Life Is Like a River, life story, life journey, woman studies, Christianity, Cinese studies, chinese immigrant, religion


What a woman does in writing, in telling, is to search, sifting through the many versions and possibilities to find the shape and truth of her life, the story she doesn’t yet know, the image and narrative she struggles to bring, like herself, into being. (Modjeska, 1994, p.31)

Reflecting on my life journey, I realize that my life is like a river, no holding back. Like the river flowing from one place to another, my life constantly changed and was always on the move. In due course, the river itself changed, so did my life. Many years ago, on the eve of my journey to study in Canada, I was so sure of my dreams for the future and myself. Unexpectedly, my life took a different turn and I have never stopped changing. The decisions I made years ago, eventually led to multiple transformations of my social understanding, educational philosophy, teaching practice, and character. I have come to reconcile with my past and recognized "A Time for Everything," as well as having gained the strength to move on for whatever the end may be.