This page hosts presentations and guides on the subject of teaching and learning in higher eduction from the Centre for Teaching and Learning at the University of Windsor.


Books from 2016


The Educational Developer’s Portfolio, Jeanette McDonald, Natasha Kenny, Erika Kustra, Debra Dawson, Isabeau Iqbal, Paola Borin, and Judy Chan

Books from 2015


Learning Outcomes Assessment A Practitioner's Handbook, Lori Goff, Michael K. Potter, Eleanor Pierre, Thomas Carey, Amy Gullage, Erika Kustra, Rebecca Lee, Valerie Lopes, Leslie Marshall, Lynn Martin, Jessica Raffoul, Abeer Siddiqui, and Greg Van Gaste

Submissions from 2013


Universal Design for Instruction and Teaching Strategies, Lorie Stolarchuk, Nick Baker, and Cam Cobb

Submissions from 2012


How to Feed Your Friends & Seduce Your Editors: Writing and Reviewing for SoTL, Jessica Raffoul and Erika Kustra