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Journal of Adult and Continuing Education




adult education, lifelong learning, multiliteracies, creative pedagogy, critical pedagogy


Drawing upon a pilot study and a Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council (SSHRC) Insight research study to explore how a multiliteracies framework may inform more critical and creative pedagogical approaches for adolescents and adults, this article begins with a brief overview of the literature on multiliteracies and then overviews the methodology used in the two research studies. Although multiliteracies has not been used frequently as a theoretical framework to inform work in adult learning contexts, this article argues that there are many benefits to this approach for adult educators to consider, particularly given the increasing need to attend to learning issues pertaining to globalization, diversity, and the impact of new technologies. Data from the interviews are combined with an analysis of the literature to explore the benefits offered by a multiliteracies approach by considering four main areas: lifelong learning and multimodalities; opportunities for engagement for English as Additional Language learners; new digital technologies and multiliteracies; and multiliteracies’ emphasis on social justice. The article concludes with a consideration of the potential for multiliteracies to inform educators working in a range of adult learning contexts.


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