Adaptive sliding mode fuzzy PID control: Supervisory control systems

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Conference Proceeding

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SYSCON 2020 - 14th Annual IEEE International Systems Conference, Proceedings


Adaptive Sliding, Fuzzy PID, Supervisory Control


This paper proposes a novel adaptive sliding mode controller (ASMC) combined with a fuzzy PID algorithm which leads to global asymptotic stability. The sliding mode approach effectively solves the problem of uncertainties and unmolded dynamics of the system; however, the chattering phenomenon is the main drawback of this method. Proposed solutions in literature for overcoming the chattering problem cause ultimately globally bounded stability or suffer from complicated calculations. In this paper, an improved adaptive robust fuzzy PID controller is presented as the three-layer controller which can be considered for tracking and regulation tasks. The simulation results illustrate the effectiveness of the controller scheme. Applicability to the wide range of uncertain dynamic systems without the need of designing a fuzzy system for each of them, having chattering-free control signals and ultimately asymptotically stability are the main advantages of the proposed method.