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Applied Sciences (Switzerland)






Cuckoo search algorithm (CSA), Fixed-head short-term model, Hydrothermal system, Optimal scheduling of wind-hydro-thermal system (OSWHTS)


© 2020 by the authors. In this paper, a Modified Adaptive Selection Cuckoo Search Algorithm (MASCSA) is proposed for solving the Optimal Scheduling of Wind-Hydro-Thermal (OSWHT) systems problem. The main objective of the problem is to minimize the total fuel cost for generating the electricity of thermal power plants, where energy from hydropower plants and wind turbines is exploited absolutely. The fixed-head short-term model is taken into account, by supposing that the water head is constant during the operation time, while reservoir volume and water balance are constrained over the scheduled time period. The proposed MASCSA is compared to other implemented cuckoo search algorithms, such as the conventional Cuckoo Search Algorithm (CSA) and Snap-Drift Cuckoo Search Algorithm (SDCSA). Two large systems are used as study cases to test the real improvement of the proposed MASCSA over CSA and SDCSA. Among the two test systems, the wind-hydro-thermal system is a more complicated one, with two wind farms and four thermal power plants considering valve effects, and four hydropower plants scheduled in twenty-four one-hour intervals. The proposed MASCSA is more effective than CSA and SDCSA, since it can reach a higher success rate, better optimal solutions, and a faster convergence. The obtained results show that the proposed MASCSA is a very effective method for the hydrothermal system and wind-hydro-thermal systems.