A 3-PRS Parallel Robot Control Based on Fuzzy-PID Controller

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Conference Proceeding

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Proceedings - 2019 6th International Conference on Control, Instrumentation and Automation, ICCIA 2019




3-PRS Parallel Robot, Fuzzy-PID Controller, Type-II Fuzzy System


© 2019 IEEE. In this paper, a new Type-II Fuzzy-PID based approach is proposed to control a 3-PRS parallel robot. 3-PRS parallel robots are very common in industrial applications due to their high precision. In addition, according to the unique kinematic characteristics of these kinds of robots, they are capable of avoiding the singularity at the zenith angle during the tracking. The two inputs of the Fuzzy System (FS) are the error and its changes. The proposed controller applies the best control signal to the robot system by determining the PID coefficients. The simulation results confirm that a PID controller tuned by the Type-II Fuzzy system is an effective method to control these kinds of robots. The performance comparison of the Type-I and Type-II Fuzzy systems indicates the superiority of the Type-II Fuzzy system.