Fault tolerant control of rhine-meuse delta water system: A performance assessment based approach

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Conference Proceeding

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5th International Conference on Power Generation Systems and Renewable Energy Technologies, PGSRET 2019


An occurrence of potential faults/hazardous situations could jeopardize the safety and reliability of complex dynamical systems. A new Fault Tolerant Control (FTC) methodology capable of preventing floods in the land areas close to the Rhine-Meuse Delta water system is proposed in this paper. The Delta water network is a Large-Scale System (LSS) with many barriers and sluices and is of enormous economic importance to Europe. Floods in this water network have damaged the system and cities around it. Thus, control of this complex water system is necessary. To monitor this complex system and detect any anomalies in a timely fashion, a fault diagnosis method using a Control Performance Index (CPI) is proposed for this large-scale water system. After fault diagnosis is performed, a switching mode control is devised to prevent potential flood situations. The switching controller is self-modified via the performance index information. Simulation tests are performed using experimental data from the aforementioned water system to examine the effectiveness of the suggested FTC method in comparison with the FTC using historical benchmark performance assessment method and the current controller of this water network system.