Modeling, simulation, and analysis of hybrid electric vehicle using MATLAB/simulink

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Conference Proceeding

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5th International Conference on Power Generation Systems and Renewable Energy Technologies, PGSRET 2019




Electric Motor (EM), Hybrid Electric Vehicle (HEV), Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), Lithium-Polymer Battery Pack


© 2019 IEEE. Carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from automotive vehicles are tremendous problems for the climate. The automotive industries are confronting significant issues to reduce greenhouse gases emissions, which have a direct impact on the environment. The automotive industries are manufacturing Hybrid Electric Vehicles (HEVs) and Full Electric Vehicles (FEVs) with less carbon emission to reduce the effect of carbon dioxide emissions. This paper mainly focuses on modeling, simulation, and analysis of a parallel HEV to improve the fuel economy and reduce the overall emission, as well as enhancing the performance of the HEV by optimizing the efficiency of the battery pack. Moreover, technical considerations to minimize the mechanical and electrical power losses, as well as maximizing the energy absorption from the braking system, are investigated. ADVISOR, which is a MATLAB/Simulink-based software, is used for the simulation and analysis of the HEV.