Essex County (Ontario) Newspapers


Joseph P. Conway



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Place of Publication

Windsor, Ontario


Title Variations

Windsor Eclipse and Essex Advertiser (Windsor, Ontario)

Eclipse (Windsor, Ontario)

Publication Dates

1871: Oct. 20 (Vol. 1: no. 1) – 1878? (Vol. 7)?



Online Holdings

1872: Sept. 13 (Vol. 1: no. 48) Pages 1-2 only; incomplete


Windsor Eclipse, Eclipse (Windsor), Windsor Eclipse and Essex Advertiser, Windsor (Ontario), Essex County (Ontario), Newspapers


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The Windsor Eclipse and Essex Advertiser was a weekly newspaper that first appeared on October 20th, 1871. It likely ceased publication in late 1878. The Eclipse was published out of offices in the Curry Block (northeast corner of Ouellette Avenue and Pitt Street) by Joseph P. Conway. It appears that he remained as publisher until roughly 1873. (Detroit Free Press, 1873: Aug. 6, p. 2) It originally came out on Fridays, but later switched to Saturdays. An article in the Detroit Free Press (1871, Oct. 20, p. 1) describes it as “a four page sheet, well up in local and general news, and displaying much enterprise. It is to be enlarged next week to twice its present size.” It is unknown whether or not 8 page editions were ever published. The Eclipse cost $1 per year.

The Windsor Eclipse was a politically conservative leaning newspaper. Joseph P. Conway himself, was an active member of the conservative party. It was reported in the Essex Record (1878, April 4, p. 1) that he was a Windsor delegate to the Conservative Convention in Essex Centre. In 1878, a federal election was underway and conservative party meetings were reported on in the Eclipse (1878, June 15, from the Windsor Star, 2006, July 22, p. A2). In Conway’s editorial of September 13, 1872, he was also very critical of the liberal publisher of the Brantford Sun. Most of the newspaper’s content was standard for the time. It did have a decent number of local stories, and also reported on meetings of town council and the Windsor School Board.

Joseph P. Conway was born on November 28, 1846, probably in Goderich, Ontario. He spent about a decade, the 1870s, in Windsor-Essex County, during which time he published the Windsor Eclipse. He then returned to Goderich. Like many newspapermen of his time, he was also a printer and retained this profession until his death in London, Ontario, on January 21, 1918.

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Museum Windsor

Other Potential Holdings

Archives of Ontario 1878: Feb. 16 (Saturday)

Don and Anna Ouellette (North Ridge) 1878: June 15 (Saturday) 4 p.
Possibly donated to Museum Windsor

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