Essex County (Ontario) Newspapers


William T. Jacques



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Place of Publication

Windsor, Ontario


Publication Dates

1908: Apr. 2 (Vol. 1: no. 1) – 1909



Online Holdings

1908: Apr. 2 (Vol. 1: no. 1) 8p.
1908: Apr. 9 (Vol. 1: no. 2) 8p.
1908: Dec. 31 (Vol. 1: no. 40) 4p.
1909: Jan. 7 (Vol. 1: no. 41) 4p.


Le Courrier (Windsor), Newspapers, Windsor (Ontario), Essex County (Ontario)


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Le Courrier (Windsor) was a weekly, French language newspaper that was edited by Francis (Francois) X. Chauvin (1886-1956) and published by William T. Jacques. Le Courrier first appeared on April 2, 1908 and ceased at some point in 1909. It usually came out on Thursdays. The newspaper office was first located in the White Block, 15 Sandwich Street West, room 2, and later moved to the Thompson Building at 24 Pitt Street West.

Le Courrier claimed to be “le seul journal francais de l’Ouest Ontario”. This was not, however, true, as Le Progres had already been publishing for 27 years. Like Le Progres, it was a politically liberal leaning newspaper, and contained similar content: international, national, and local news, entertainment, poetry, prose, and advertisements. There were articles highlighting prominent liberals, as well as discussions of government policy, legislation, and regulations. In 1908, there was a Canadian federal election (Oct. 26, 1908) and also an Ontario provincial election (June 8, 1908). Le Courrier was accused of being “un journal de circonstance”, a newspaper whose main purpose was simply to promote liberal politicians. The editor, Francis X. Chauvin denied this at the time. However, in an article he later wrote for the Border Cities Star (Mar. 15, 1924, p. 2) he admitted this was true: “It was purely a political paper, started in the interests of the Liberal Party, and after the federal elections of 1908, it gradually died. Its last breath was pulled in 1909.”

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