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Master Thesis

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Computer Science

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Kent, Robert (Computer Science)


Computer science.



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In this thesis we introduced the Lightweight Coordination Calculus based logic programming approach to the programming models of the Platform-as-a-Service cloud. By using this approach, PaaS based cloud systems will enable cloud application developers to have more options to implement various kinds of programming models for their distributed tasks. We built a prototype framework based on OpenKnowledge middleware because the OpenKnowledge currently is the only framework that fully supports the LCC based programming model. By adding task control and administrative features such as automated task initiation, task status querying, task termination and input/output message channel, we extended the original usage of the OpenKnowledge framework and made it capable of being used to construct PaaS cloud systems. The automation level of the transformed OpenKnowledge framework is improved and its original advantages are retained simultaneously. All of our work reveals the underlying mechanism of the next generation Platform-as-a-Service cloud system which supports logic programming.