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Master Thesis

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Greig, Christopher (Education)


Educational Administration.




The purpose of this qualitative research study is to explore experienced health and physical education teacher attitudes toward the inclusion of students with physical disabilities, particularly females. Experienced was defined as having five or more years of experience teaching the subject. Data was collected for this study through seven semi-structured interviews and a single focus group interview. Seven participants in total, four female and three male experienced health and physical education teachers, were drawn from the Greater Essex county District School Board (GECDSB). In addition, a subtle gender bias within these classes was also evident. Key factors that may impede upon experienced teacher attitudes included dysfunctional facilities for those with physical disabilities, a lack of resources, preparedness and inadequate training. Based on these findings, it is crucial that both educators and administrators question the current general health and physical education curriculum. In particular, it is recommended that teacher education programs must include appropriate training for health and physical educators with regard to how to appropriately instruct those with physical disabilities. Furthermore, educators can also broaden the variety of activity choices they teach in order to strive toward gender equity.