Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Civil and Environmental Engineering

First Advisor

Xu, Xiaohong (Civil & Environmental Engineering)


Environmental Sciences.




A study was conducted in Windsor to investigate the spatial and temporal variability and potential regional sources of total gaseous mercury (TGM). In 2007, TGM concentration was measured using a mercury vapor analyzer at University of Windsor campus. An annual mean of 2.02+-1.63 ng/m 3 was observed with higher concentrations in summer and winter, lower in spring and fall. An annual diurnal pattern was observed: high at night and in the early morning and low in the afternoon. A different diurnal pattern was observed in summer. Pearson correlation and Principal Component Analysis of TGM with meteorological parameters and other air pollutants indicate meteorological parameters, photochemical reactions, and fuel combustion are the major factors influencing TGM temporal variability. Hybrid receptor modeling identified significant potential sources in the south-west of Windsor. A spatial study conducted in October, 2006 using a mobile lab that identified intra-city variability of TGM due to local anthropogenic sources.