Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Electrical and Computer Engineering

First Advisor

Muscedere, Roberto (Electrical and Computer Engineering)


Electrical engineering.




Multi-Dimensional Logarithmic Number System (MDLNS) is a generalized version of the Logarithmic Number System (LNS) which has multiple dimensions or bases. These generalizations can increase accuracy and hardware efficiency. However, addition and subtraction operations are the major obstruction of all logarithmic number systems circuits and so far a fair amount of research has been done to find practical techniques in LNS to implement these operations efficiently without the need for large tables. In order to achieve this goal, several methods such as interpolation, multipartite tables, and co-transformation have been introduced to decrease the cost and complexity. One of the most recent works is Novel Co-transformation. This thesis investigates the application of the Novel Co-Transformation on MDLNS. The goal is to reduce the table sizes over previously published method which utilizes a different address decoder on its tables which requires greater overhead. The results show that the table sizes are reduced significantly when a minimal error is allowed. Other common LNS techniques for table reductions may be applied to obtain better results.