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Master Thesis

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Electrical and Computer Engineering

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Maev, Roman (Electrical and Computer Engineering)


Electrical Engineering.



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Ultrasonic imaging of fingerprint is relatively new application in the field of Biometrics that is capable of obtaining fingerprint pattern for identification purposes. In previous digital data acquisition system, image of the skin-plate contact pattern have been produced. Unfortunately, these systems do not provide any information about in-depth structure of the fingerprint area. In this work, data acquisition system for ultrasonic imaging of fingerprint was developed with in-depth imaging capability. In this system finger is inserted into a hollow cylinder and set of rotating focused ultrasonic transducers scans over the finger. Emitting and receiving of ultrasonic signal is realized by the DSP-based data acquisition board. Software controls scanner motion, obtains data and transfer it into computer in the form of three-dimension digital data cube. Software is capable to store 3D acoustical image of fingerprints and visually represent it in the form of C-Scan, B-Scan and A-Scan.