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Master Thesis

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Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering

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Green, Daniel(Mechanical Engineering)


Engineering, Materials Science.



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Dual phase (DP) steels, are currently one of the choice automotive materials in terms of potential for weight reduction and cost. More specifically, DP steel tubes are increasingly being used to produce automotive structural components. In this study, tensile tests, rotary draw bending tests and microstructural analyses were conducted in order to identify which mechanical properties and microstructural features have an influence on the onset of failure in bent DP steel tubes. Several important microstructural features, such as martensite banding and non-metallic inclusions, were investigated with a view to understanding their effect on the deformation behaviour of DP steels. The analysis of experimental data and microstructures established various correlations between DP steel properties and the onset of failure in tube bending. As a result, several empirical equations were proposed to evaluate the correlation of void area fraction and estimate the critical bending ratio of C-Mn DP steel tubes.