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Master Thesis

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Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering

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Fartaj, Amir (Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering)





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Air-side heat transfer and flow characteristics were studied through an air-to-deionized water cross-flow serpentine microchannel heat exchanger during air cooling. In the single phase, twenty distinct operating conditions were maintained within the range of air and deionized water-side Reynolds number 283 í▄ Rea í▄ 1384 and 105 í▄ Rew í▄ 159 respectively, retaining the constant inlet temperatures of both fluids (Ta,i = 38 í└0.5íπC and Tw,i = 9 í└0.5íπC). Heat transfer and fluid flow key parameters were evaluated from experimental data. Heat balance performance was observed within 4% throughout the experiment, and major thermal resistance was found in the air-side, ranging from 89% - 94% of overall thermal resistance. The effects of Rew and Rea on air-side Nusselt number (Nua), Colburn factor (ja), friction factor (fa), and other parameters were examined, and general correlations were achieved. The Nua-Rea-Pra relationship of the current study is compared to other correlations, and several recommendations are proposed.