Experimental evaluation of vehicle cabin noise from suspension induced vibrations using transfer path and psychoacoustic analysis techniques

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Master Thesis

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Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering

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Novak, Colin (Mechanical, Automotive & Materials Engineering)


Engineering, Automotive.



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Given the automotive industry's awareness of the importance of the perception of NVH emissions, there is an increased focus on the psychoacoustics, or sound quality, of vehicle cabin noise. The present work aims to qualitatively evaluate and compare automobile cabin noise by measuring the road-induced noise and vibration of a driven and motored vehicle. Evaluation of transmission paths and psychoacoustic analysis of the cabin acoustics are primary objectives. A psychoacoustic analysis using the acoustic pressure measurements taken inside the vehicle cabin was performed using both subjective and objective approaches. Testing also included vibration measurements from several structural positions to evaluate vibroacoustic excitations. Using this noise and vibration data, it was possible to evaluate the transfer path of the excitation energy into the vehicle cabin. Further, an attempt to establish a correlation between the noise and vibration measurements and the psychoacoustic observations was also proven possible with some inherent limitations.