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Master Thesis

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Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering

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Alpas, Ahmet (Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering)


Materials Science.



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The effect of temperature and lubrication on the stamping of ferritic stainless steel bipolar plates has been studied. Stamping of micro-scale bipolar plate channels in ferritic stainless steel foils of 75 ╡m thickness was carried out at 25, 100 and 200 ░C with stamping loads varying between 36 and 56 kN, without and with lubrication. In unlubricated stamping, high contact friction between the sheet and the die caused strain localisation that increased with stamping load and temperature, and heavy surface damage was observed. Boron nitride, tungsten disulphide and molybdenum disulphide were used as solid lubricants in the process. No necking was observed at 200 ░C, the strain distribution improved with temperature and the surface damage was considerably reduced, although WS2 and MoS2 produced transfer layers on the surfaces. MoS2-lubrication, 200 ░C and stamping loads between 45 and 50 kN have been identified as the most suitable conditions for this process.