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Master Thesis

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Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering

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LTjong, Jimi (MAME)


Engineering, Automotive.



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A stand-alone real-time fuel injection control system was developed and implemented on a single-cylinder direct injection diesel research engine with common rail fuel injection. The system provides an operator with complete control over the fuelling strategy of the engine, including rate scheduling capabilities for the fuel injection and shaping of the heat release profile. The system can also run in a closed-loop mode where calculated combustion parameters (crank angle of 50% heat release and indicated mean effective pressure) can be maintained at user target values. In-cylinder and intake pressure data was acquired with piezo-type pressure transducers and phased with the engine using a crank angle encoder. The pressure data was acquired at 0.5░ crank angle intervals. Fuel injection control was attained with the development of digital TTL pulsetrains sent to a piezoelectric injector power driver.