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Master Thesis

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Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering


Engineering, Industrial.




Enterprises have to be organized in a business process oriented way. This is in order to be successful in a changing and challenging business environment including uncertainty and complexity in managing business and manufacturing processes. The main objective of this thesis is to implement comprehensive modelling methodologies and tools that capture all useful information included within the enterprise business processes. This has been achieved first through implementing the Systems Analysis and Design (SAD) methodologies and tools for integrating the business design processes. The implementation should recognize the enterprise organization view, data and information view, function view, and also product/service view. Such recognition is required in order to improve the reuse of business process models for the implementation of workflow management applications. The implemented design methodologies have been demonstrated through two case studies, including the modelling of business and automotive manufacturing processes. In Addition, the Architecture of the Integrated Information System (ARIS) has been presented in both implementations using ARIS tool set. The ARIS implementation has assisted in supporting analysis for potential changes, specifying requirements, and also supporting the modeled business processes systems level design and integration activities. Results of using the selected graphical design languages with the systematic explanations of modelling the business process functions and activities revealed the need for implementing comprehensive SAD methodologies. Also, the SAD methodologies have assisted with integrating the enterprise through modelling its business activities, technology, and human elements involved. The benefits and disadvantages of each modelling methodology and tool is studied and discussed in detail in this thesis.Dept. of Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering. Paper copy at Leddy Library: Theses & Major Papers - Basement, West Bldg. / Call Number: Thesis2005 .K39. Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 44-03, page: 1475. Thesis (M.A.Sc.)--University of Windsor (Canada), 2005.