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Master Thesis

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Greig, Christopher (Education)


Educational leadership.



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The increasing number of women participating in the paid workforce has been one of the dominant social trends in Canada over the last half century. While women have made tremendous strides in labour participation, the proportion of women in top-tier educational leadership positions remains a concern. The purpose of this mixed- methods research study is to explore the experiences of current and aspiring female educational administrators, utilizing a feminist theoretical perspective. This study explores the experiences of ten female educators: six aspiring female educational administrators and four current educational administrators, drawn from a local school board in Southwestern Ontario. Results of the semi-structured interviews and supplemental Likert-scale survey indicate four key themes influenced by gender relations, in the participants' experiences: (1) Intersection of Work and Family; (2) Mentoring Opportunities and Access to Resources; (3) Women's Work Relationships; and (4) Gender Politics. By drawing attention to the gendered experiences women encounter while pursuing and maintaining educational leadership positions, this study helps pave the way forward for teachers, administrators, policy makers and others interested in bringing about the aims of gender justice.