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Master Thesis

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Sefton, Terry (Faculty of Education)


Education, General.




The purpose of this study is to examine the formation of the researcher's identity through narratives of immigrant women, collected through interviews, who are completing masters programs at the University of Windsor. The purpose of this study is to expand a body of knowledge, document and critique social practice/s, and reflect on epistemological or philosophical questions. Using a case study approach and a convenience sample, the researcher interviewed six graduate student participants who self-identify both as a woman and as an immigrant. At the end of each semi-structured interview, each participant was invited to perform a `song of identity' - a song she felt is significant to her personal history and/or cultural background. Applying autoethography, narrative and arts-based research methods, the researcher assembled a visual representation of [her] identity through the answers and song performances of the participants. The fragmented nature of the supporting project parallels the fragmented glimpses into the researcher's own identity formation and exemplifies identity as a series of sub-identities unified through flux, separations and breaks. Additionally, this project explores the interplay between personal experiences or life positions (immigrant, woman, graduate student) and research interests.