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Master Thesis

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Martinovic, Dr. Dragana (Education)


Early childhood education.



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The earliest years of life have a tremendous impact on the realization of children's potential. Early involvement in play-based learning positively affects child brain development during sensitive periods that peak before school-age. ECEs can facilitate this development by being responsive, documenting children's progression, and planning appropriately. The Early Childhood Education Act has no standardized procedure regarding the observation, monitoring, screening/reporting of children. Grounded in Vygotsky's socio-cultural theory, this thesis provides insight into current documentation and assessment practices that ECEs use in childcare, as well as how they are following up on concerns. The researcher designed a Pre-Intervention Developmental Report, to record identified concerns, take observations and plan for follow-up, connected with two highly used instruments, the ELECT and the ASQ-3. This research emphasises a need for a framework and screening that accounts for all children and is built on the inclusivity of children from different cultures and with diverse abilities.