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Master Thesis

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Computer Science

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Chen, Jessica (School of Computer Science)


Computer Science.



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Distributed and multithreaded systems are usually much more complex to analyze or test due to the nondeterminism involved. A possible approach to testing nondeterministic systems is to direct the execution of the program under test to take a certain path for each test, so that a unique output can be observed. Considering specification-based testing, we assume that a test case is given together with a test constraint for directing the internal nondeterministic choices. To instruct the program under test to execute according to a given test constraint, the program under test needs to communicate with the tester. In this thesis, we propose to use the features in Aspect-Oriented Programs to realize such communication. This solution does not require the availability of the source code of the program under test. We provide an automated translation from a test constraint to a set of aspects using AspectJ.