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Master Thesis

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Computer Science

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Kent, Robert (Computer Science)


Computer science.



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The complexity of modern digital information systems is continuously increasing as a by-product of increased system functionalities in various domains. The resultant sea of information at our disposal mandates for making informed, timely and verifiable decisions. Traditional human-based audits become a liability in pursuit of timely decisions as they fail to audit the individual process modules or the entire process chain critical for determining the efficiency of an entire complex system. In this thesis we introduce the concept of Continuous Process Auditing (CPA) in digital systems. We propose an approach that audits the methodologies (processes) in a system used to achieve results. We use a communication mechanism and employ a weighting schema that accounts for the holistic nature of process chains and provides decision support to select alternate strategies to improve system efficiency. To demonstrate our approach we provide a case study based on a auditing a survey application and present our results.