Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Mathematics and Statistics




Hu, Zhiguo (Mathematics and Statistics)




In this thesis, we study and apprehend Hopf algebras, multiplier Hopf algebras, and their dualities. A Hopf algebra A is a unital algebra with an comutiplication (A tensor A) &rarr A, which is the reverse of multiplication, and other structures. In the finite-dimensional case, we can construct the dual A' of A, which is also a Hopf algebra, and prove that A is isomorphic to its bidual A''. If we drop the assumption that A is unital and allow the comultiplication to have values in the multiplier algebra of (A tensor A), we end with a multiplier Hopf algebra. If the coopposite algebra of A is also a multiplier Hopf algebra, we say that A is regular, for which we can involve non-zero left (right) invariant linear functionals, called left (right) integrals. It is proved that if left (right) integrals exist, they are faithful and unique up to a scalar. For a regular multiplier Hopf algebra A with integrals, we can construct its dual A^ with the help of integrals. In this case, A^ is again a regular multiplier Hopf algebra, on which integrals can also be constructed, and it turns out that the bidual A^^ is canonically isomorphic to A.