Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Civil and Environmental Engineering

First Advisor

Kennedy, J.


Engineering, Civil.




In this study, simple expressions for the, anistropic rigidities of orthogonally rib-stiffened reinforced concrete slab structures are presented. These expressions are valid for both, the pre-cracking and post-cracking stages of concrete, and are, therefore, applicable to reinforced as well as prestressed concrete structures. Bending and twisting tests on several orthogonally rib-stiffened reinforced concrete slab structures were conducted. The experimental results of twisting tests show that using shear reinforcement (stirrups) has a significant effect on increasing the pre-cracking and post-cracking torsional rigidities, so proposed equations for estimating these torsional rigidities were developed to properly account for the presence of stirrups. The experimental results of bending tests verify that using stirrups has no effect on both the pre-cracking and post-cracking flexural rigidities, so the existing equations for determining these flexural rigidities were not modified. The structural response of orthogonally rib-stiffened reinforced concrete slabs to loads was observed. It shows that using stirrups leads to ductile behavior of such structures. The experimental procedure and the necessary precautions that must be taken to help ensuring accurate results were discussed. The use of realistic estimates for the torsional constants of rib-stiffened reinforced concrete slab structures when using shear reinforcement will lead to better design as well as economy.Dept. of Civil and Environmental Engineering. Paper copy at Leddy Library: Theses & Major Papers - Basement, West Bldg. / Call Number: Thesis1998 .A43. Source: Masters Abstracts International, Volume: 39-02, page: 0546. Adviser: John Kennedy. Thesis (M.Sc.)--University of Windsor (Canada), 1999.