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Master Thesis

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Communication Studies

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Bryant, Susan (Communications, Media and Film)


Mass Communications.



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The "going green" trend, having emerged in a society increasing driven and defined by consumption, has helped produce a discourse that significantly aids in the conservation of capitalism while simultaneously likening the consumption of "green" products to environmentalism. Coupled with an increase in media attention, celebrity endorsement, a growing "cool" factor and cause-related marketing strategies, the combination has largely supplanted earlier understandings. Using Foucauldian discourse analysis I will examine a series of newspaper articles from the 1960s to 2008. I will trace the shifts that have emerged in popular discourse that have allowed for a connection between consumption and activism to arise. Moreover, I will also examine how this connection has altered the nature of activism, moving away from collective forms to a more individualized approach. The implications of this shift will be also be discussed in relation to other social movements, highlighting social justice issues.