Date of Award


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Master Thesis


Computer Science




Web service composition is the process of integrating existing web services. It is a prospective method to build an application system. Current approaches, however, only take service function aspect into consideration. With the rapid growth of web service applications and the abundance of service providers, the consumer is facing the inevitability of selecting the maximum satisfied service providers due to the dynamic nature of web services. This requirement brings us some research challenges including a web service quality model, to design a web service framework able to monitor the service's real time quality. A further challenge is to find an algorithm that can handle extensible service quality parameters and has good performance to solve NP-hard web services global selection problem. In this thesis, we propose a web service framework, using an extensible service quality model. A Cultural Algorithm is adopted to accelerate service global selection. We also provide experimental results comparing between Cultural Algorithm with Genetic Algorithm and Random service selection.