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Master Thesis






Changes of the make up of student population from that which is monolingual and mono-cultural to that which is multilingual and multicultural necessitate that teachers be more responsive to the needs of this diverse student population. One way to ensure diverse students' needs are met is to implement differentiated instruction. Using a survey, this study investigated teachers' knowledge about differentiation; how often teachers differentiate in specific subject areas; and factors that help or hinder the implementation of differentiated instruction. Study results that are critical to the way teachers address diversity through differentiated instruction are that the majority of the teachers surveyed are familiar with 'differentiated instruction'; however, because of limited knowledge about tools, the vast amount of preparation involved coupled with lack of resources, many teachers do not differentiate instruction in their classrooms. Furthermore, while diversity is the key for differentiating in the classroom, teachers mentioned that the diversity of students limits the implementation of differentiated instruction.