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Master Thesis






Van der Waals molecules involving cadmium have been studied using the techniques of laser spectroscopy and supersonic free jet expansion. It provides a source of information on the excited- and ground-state interatomic potentials of van der Waals molecules. The B1[left arrow]X0+ and A0+[left arrow]X0+ excitation spectra of CdAr and the D1[left arrow]X0+ excitation spectrum of CdKr were produced in a supersonic molecular beam crossed with a laser beam. A vibrational analysis of the excitation spectra based on Birge-Sponer, LeRoy-Bernstein and Dunham methods was performed, and a computer simulation based on Frank-Condon factors calculation was also carried out. The analysis yielded spectroscopic characteristics of the A0+ and B1 states of CdAr. Furthermore, a vibrational analysis on the excitation spectrum of the 'hot' D1[left arrow]X0 + transition of CdKr was achieved. This yielded the spectroscopic characteristics of the D1 and X0+ states of CdKr molecule.