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Drake, Gordon (Physics)


Atomic Physics.

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Within the single-active-electron approximation (SAE), an ab initio formulation of above threshold ionization (ATI) including rescattering that accounts for the long-range Coulomb potential is presented. From this ab initio formulation, an ad hoc formulation is developed in which the effeect of the laser field is to split the atomic potential into two parts: a short range one responsible for rescattering producing the photoelectron high energy plateau, and a long-range Coulomb potential that aects the low energy electrons. Furthermore, the role of the Coulomb potential is investigated by looking at the low energy two dimensional momentum distributions, the momentum distributions along the polarization axis, and the low energy photoelectron energy spectra. Moreover, a formulation that considers the simultaneous transfer of both linear and angular momenta in the ionization process is developed. Finally, a formulation of high harmonic generation (HHG) is presented.