Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

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Mechanical, Automotive, and Materials Engineering

First Advisor

David Ting






In the current study fluid flow and heat transfer characteristics over a heated flat plate were investigated in a closed loop wind tunnel. Two free stream flow regimes were considered; Laminar (turbulence intensity, Tu < 0.5%) and Turbulent. For the laminar free stream case, velocities ranging from 4 to 10 m/s that resulted in Reynolds numbers (Re) up to 346,670 were examined. For the turbulent free stream case, Tu=4%, 8% 12%, and Λ=0.015, 0.021 0.030m were set at the leading edge of the 0.34 by 0.52m heated plate. The aluminum flat plate was heated with supplying powers of 52W and 224W. The heated flat plate was positioned at 0° and 20° tilt and the local heat transfer coefficient in terms of Nusselt number (Nu) was determined along the centreline span of the plate in the streamwise coordinate. Effects of Reynolds number, turbulence intensity (Tu) and integral length scale (Λ/x) on Nusselt number were investigated. The convection heat transfer rate increased in the range of 15% ∼ 40% while the turbulent intensity was raised from 4% to 8%. It was observed that the effect of integral length scale (Λ/x) on heat transfer rate is more significant at larger turbulence intensities