Date of Award


Publication Type

Master Thesis

Degree Name



Industrial and Manufacturing Systems Engineering

First Advisor

Mohammed Fazle Baki


Industrial engineering, Surgery, Health care management




Scheduling of surgeries in the Operation rooms with limited available resources is a very complex process. Patients of different specialties are operated by surgery teams in operation rooms and sent to recovery units. In this thesis, we develop a model to help Operation room scheduling management to schedule elective patients based on the availability of surgeons and operation rooms with three phase hierarchical approach of scheduling. A linear integer goal programming method is used to solve problem. The model tries to minimize number of patients waiting for service, underutilization of operating room hours and maximum number of patients in the recovery units. Windsor Regional Hospital help is taken to understand the surgery booking procedure. Lexicographic goal programming method and weighted goal programming is employed and various combinations of priorities are solved to schedule Operating rooms. The focus of the study is to develop mathematical model for scheduling.